Bright Fluorescence

Single color

* marked products are IVD/CE registered

Item Clone Isotype Pure FITC R-PE CyQ APC PerCP Dy-410 Documents
CD1a MCD1a Mo IgG1 IQP-126P IQP-126F* IQP-126R* PIF-126
PIF-126 IT
CD2 B-E2 Mo IgG2b IQP-100P IQP-100F* IQP-100R* PIF-100
CD3 UCHT1 Mo IgG1 IQP-519P IQP-519F* IQP-519R* IQP-519C* IQP-519A* IQP-519PC IQP-519D PIF-519
PIF-519 IT
CD4 Edu-2 Mo IgG2a IQP-535P IQP-535F* IQP-535R* IQP-535C* IQP-535A* IQP-535PC IQP-535D PIF-535
PIF-535 IT
CD5 MCD5 Mo IgG2b IQP-103P IQP-103F* IQP-103R* PIF-103
CD7 B-B7 Mo IgG1 IQP-127P IQP-127F* IQP-127R* PIF-127
PIF-127 IT
CD8 MCD8 Mo IgG1 IQP-104P IQP-104F* IQP-104R* IQP-104C* IQP-104A* IQP-104PC PIF-104
PIF-104 IT
CD9 MEM-61 Mo IgG1 IQP-638P IQP-638F IQP-638R IQP-638A upon request
CD10 B-E3 Mo IgG2a IQP-105P IQP-105F* IQP-105R* PIF-105
CD11a DF1524 Mo IgG2b IQP-151P IQP-151R PIF-151
PIF-151 IT
CD11b 44 Mo IgG1 IQP-138P IQP-138F* IQP-138R* PIF-138
PIF-138 IT
CD11c B-ly6 Mo IgG1 IQP-119P IQP-119R* PIF-119
PIF-119 IT
CD13 22A5 Mo IgG2a IQP-112P IQP-112F* IQP-112R* PIF-112
PIF-112 IT
CD13 WM15 Mo IgG1 IQP-531P IQP-531F IQP-531R IQP-531A PIF-531
PIF-531 IT
CD14 UCHM1 Mo IgG2a IQP-143P IQP-143F* IQP-143R* IQP-143A* PIF-143
PIF-143 IT
CD15 BRA-4F1 Mo IgM IQP-129P IQP-129F PIF-129
PIF-129 IT
CD15 MEM-158 Mo IgM IQP-564R IQP-564C PIF-564
PIF-564 IT
CD15 PM-81 Mo IgM IQP-571P IQP-571F PIF-571
CD16 B-E16 Mo IgG2a IQP-130P IQP-130F IQP-130R PIF-130
PIF-130 IT
CD18 MEM-48 Mo IgG IQP-555F PIF-555
PIF-555 IT
CD19 HD37 Mo IgG1 IQP-515P IQP-515F* IQP-515R* IQP-515C* IQP-515A* IQP-515PC PIF-515
PIF-515 IT
CD20 B-ly1 Mo IgG1 IQP-108P IQP-108F* IQP-108R* IQP-108A* IQP-108PC IQP-108D PIF-108
PIF-108 IT
CD21 B-ly4 Mo IgG1 IQP-109P IQP-109F IQP-109R PIF-109
CD22 B-ly8 Mo IgG1 IQP-110P IQP-110F IQP-110R PIF-110
PIF-110 IT
CD23 B-G6 Mo IgG1 IQP-154P IQP-154R PIF-154
PIF-154 IT
CD24 SN3 Mo IgG1 IQP-559P IQP-559R PIF-559
PIF-559 IT
CD25 B-B10 Mo IgG1 IQP-125P IQP-125F* IQP-125R* PIF-125
PIF-125 IT
CD28 CD28.2 Mo IgG1 IQP-639P IQP-639F IQP-639R IQP-639A IQP-639PC upon request
CD31 MEM-05 Mo IgG1 IQP-552R PIF-552
PIF-552 IT
CD33 251 Mo IgG1 IQP-572P IQP-572R IQP-572A PIF-572
CD34 581 Mo IgG1 IQP-144P IQP-144F* IQP-144R* IQP-144A* PIF-144
PIF-144 IT
CD36 SMØ Mo IgM IQP-113P IQP-113F PIF-113
CD38 T16 Mo IgG1 IQP-132P IQP-132R IQP-132A PIF-132
PIF-132 IT
CD41 MEM-06 Mo IgG1 IQP-551F PIF-551
PIF-551 IT
CD43 MT1 Mo IgG1 IQP-133P IQP-133F IQP-133R PIF-133
PIF-133 IT
CD44 MEM-85 Mo IgG2b IQP-118P IQP-118F IQP-118R PIF-118
PIF-118 IT
CD45 ML2 Mo IgG1 IQP-124P IQP-124F* IQP-124R* IQP-124C* IQP-124A* IQP-124PC IQP-124D PIF-124
PIF-124 IT
CD45RA MB1 Mo IgG1 IQP-123P IQP-123F* IQP-123R* PIF-123
PIF-123 IT
CD45RB MT4 Mo IgG1 IQP-140P IQP-140R PIF-140
PIF-140 IT
CD45RC MT2 Mo IgG1 IQP-117P IQP-117F PIF-117
PIF-117 IT
CD45RO UCHL1 Mo IgG2a IQP-141P IQP-141F IQP-141R PIF-141
PIF-141 IT
CD50 MEM-171 Mo IgG1 IQP-640P IQP-640R upon request
CD54 B-H17 Mo IgG1 IQP-181P IQP-181F PIF-181
PIF-181 IT
CD55 NaM16-4D3 Mo IgG2a IQP-520R IQP-520A PIF-520
PIF-520 IT
CD56 MOC-1 Mo IgG1 IQP-114P IQP-114R* PIF-114
PIF-114 IT
CD59 MEM-43 Mo IgG2a IQP-561R PIF-561
PIF-561 IT
CD59 NaM172-2B5 Mo IgG1 IQP-521F IQP-521R IQP-521A PIF-521
CD61 NaM28-7D6 Mo IgG1 IQP-188P IQP-188F IQP-188R PIF-188
PIF-188 IT
CD64 22 Mo IgG1 IQP-568P** IQP-568F** IQP-568R** IQP-568C** PIF-568
CD64 32.2 Mo IgG1 IQP-569P** IQP-569F** IQP-569R** PIF-569
CD68 Y1/82A Mo IgG2b IQP-641P IQP-641R upon request
CD69 FN50 Mo IgG1 IQP-553P IQP-553F IQP-553R IQP-553A IQP-553PC PIF-553
PIF-553 IT
CD71 DF1513 Mo IgG1 IQP-152P IQP-152F PIF-152
PIF-152 IT
CD79a HM57 Mo IgG1 IQP-122R PIF-122
PIF-122 IT
CD86 BU63 Mo IgG1 IQP-128P IQP-128F PIF-128
PIF-128 IT
CD94 HP-3D9 Mo IgG1 IQP-643P IQP-643F IQP-643R IQP-643A upon request
CD103 B-ly7 Mo IgG1 IQP-111P IQP-111F* IQP-111R PIF-111
PIF-111 FR
PIF-111 GE
PIF-111 IT
PIF-111 SP
CD106 B-K9 Mo IgG1 IQP-184P IQP-184F PIF-184
PIF-184 IT
CD107a H4A3 Mo IgG1 IQP-644P IQP-644R IQP-644A upon request
CD117 104D2 Mo IgG1 IQP-558R PIF-558
PIF-558 IT
CD138 B-A38 Mo IgG1 IQP-153P IQP-153F* IQP-153R* IQP-153C* IQP-153A* PIF-153
PIF-153 IT
CD146 OJ79c Mo IgG1 IQP-560P IQP-560A PIF-560
PIF-560 IT
CD157 SY/11B5 Mo IgG1k IQP-563P IQP-563R PIF-563
PIF-563 IT
CD158d mAb#33 Mo IgG1 IQP-645P IQP-645R IQP-645A upon request
CD161 HP-3G10 Mo IgG1 IQP-646P IQP-646R IQP-646A upon request
CD163 MAC2-158 Mo IgG1 IQP-570P** IQP-570F**  IQP-570R** PIF-570
CD193 5E8 Mo IgG2b IQP-647P IQP-647F  IQP-647R IQP-647A upon request
CD195 (CCR5) T21/8 Mo IgG1 IQP-648P  IQP-648R IQP-648A upon request
CD200 OX-104 Mo IgG1 IQP-642P IQP-642F IQP-642R IQP-642A upon request
CD206 15-2 Mo IgG1 IQP-649P IQP-649R upon request
CD209 UW60.1 Mo IgG1 IQP-650P IQP-650R IQP-650A upon request
CD235a NaM10-6G4 Mo IgG2a IQP-145P IQP-145F PIF-145
PIF-145 IT
CD314 1D11 Mo IgG1 IQP-624P IQP-624F IQP-624R IQP-624A upon request
FMC-7 FMC-7 Mo IgM IQP-557F PIF-557
FoxP3 3G3 Mo IgG1 IQP-651P IQP-651R IQP-651A PIF-651

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)

** marked products are registered as Analyte-Specific Reagent (ASR)

Item Clone Isotype Reactivity Pure FITC R-PE APC Dy-410 Documents
Anti-HbS 57-8 Ra IgG Hemoglobin S IQP-574F** PIF-F.574 25 ug/ml
Anti-HbF WBAC HbF1 Mo IgG1 Hemoglobin F IQP-567P** IQP-567F** IQP-567R** IQP-567D** PIF-F.567
Anti-panHb PHB1 Mo IgG1 Hemoglobin alpha chain IQP-575A** PIF-F.575
CD235a NaM10-6G4 Mo IgG2a GpA IQP-145P IQP-145F PIF-145
PIF-145 IT
Anti-RhD BRAD3 Hu IgG3 RhD antigen (RH1) IQP-556A PIF-556
PIF-556 IT
Anti-RhD NaTH109-1G2 Hu IgG RhD antigen (RH1) IQP-513R PIF-513
PIF-513 IT
CD71 DF1513 Mo IgG1 Activated Leukocytes IQP-574F PIF-F.152

** marked products are registered as Analyte-Specific Reagent (ASR)

Item Clone Isotype Reactivity FITC R-PE APC Documents
Anti-Kappa NaM76-5F3 Mo IgG2a Anti-human Kappa IQP-517F IQP-517R IQP-517A PIF-517
PIF-517 IT
Anti-Lambda NaM79-8E6 Mo IgG1 Anti-human Lambda IQP-518F IQP-518R IQP-518A PIF-518
PIF-518 IT

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)

Detection of GPI-anchored proteins on red blood cells

Target Antibody Conjugate Purpose Clone Product code
RBC CD235a FITC Gating on RBC NaM10-6G4 IQP-145F
CD59 R-PE GPI-linked for RBC MEM-43 IQP-561R

Detection of GPI-anchored proteins on white blood cells

Target Antibody Conjugate Purpose Clone Product code
WBC CD24 R-PE GPI-linked (N) SN3 IQP-559R
CD14 R-PE GPI-linked (M) UCHM1 IQP-143R
CD14 APC GPI-linked (M) UCHM1 IQP-143A
CD157 R-PE GPI-linked (N/M) SY11B5 IQP-563R
CD64 APC Gating on M 22 IQP-568A
CD15 PerCP-Cy5.5 Gating on N MEM-158 IQP-564PCC
CD45 PerCP Debris and unlysed ML2 IQP-124PC

*(N), neutrophils #(M), monocytes

Background information

Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) is a clonal hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) disease characterized by the continuous destruction of red blood cells [1]. PNH is caused by somatic mutations in the phosphatidylinositol N-acetylglucosaminyl-transferase subunit A (PIGA) gene, which is essential in the biosynthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchors [2]. PIGA mutations lead to a deficiency in GPI-anchored proteins including the complement inhibitory proteins CD55 and CD59 that result in chronic complement-mediated hemolysis of GPI-deficient erythrocytes, as well as activation of platelets, monocytes and granulocytes [3]. Consequently, when left untreated this may lead to life-threatening thrombosis [4].

PNH is a very rare disease with an estimated incidence of 1.3 per million inhabitants [5]. The clinical manifestation of PNH includes hemolytic anemia, thrombosis, and smooth muscle dystonias, as well as bone marrow failure in some cases [6]. However, these symptoms are not solely related to PNH. Therefore, PNH testing is not only recommended for patients that develop PNH, but also for patients with PNH-like symptoms in disorders such as Aplastic Anemia (AA) and Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Both AA and MDS are characterized by diminished production of red- and white blood cells and thrombocytes in the bone marrow.

PNH is a clinical diagnosis that should be confirmed with flow cytometry to detect the absence or severe deficiency of GPI-anchored proteins on ≥ 2 lineages (e.g. monocytes and granulocytes) [7]. The loss of GPI-anchored proteins can be detected using a combination of monoclonal antibodies directed against monocyte and granulocyte lineages and FLAER (fluorescent aerolysin) that binds ALL GPI-anchored proteins expressed on the surface of leukocytes [8].


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  6. Parker C, Omine M, Richards S, et al; International PNH Interest Group. Diagnosis and management of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. Blood. 2005;106(12):3699-3709.
  7. Sutherland, DR, Illingworth, A, Marinov, I, Ortiz, F, Andreasen, J, Payne,D Wallace, PK, Keeney, M. ICCS/ESCCA Consensus Guidelines to detect GPI‐deficient cells in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) and Related Disorders: Part 2; Reagent Selection and Assay Optimization for High Sensitivity Testing. Cytometry B Clin Cytom 2018;94B:23–48.
  8. Brodsky, R. A. et al. Improved detection and characterization of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria using fluorescent aerolysin. Am. J. Clin. Pathol.114, 459–466 (2000).This is the first description of FLAER reagent for the diagnosis of PNH.
Item Clone Isotype Reactivity FITC Documents
Anti-IgA Polyclonal Go Go F(ab’)2 Goat anti-human IgA IQP-508F PIF-508
Anti-IgD Polyclonal Go Go F(ab’)2 Goat anti-human IgD IQP-509F PIF-509
Anti-IgG Polyclonal Go Go F(ab’)2 Goat anti-human IgG IQP-510F PIF-510
Anti-IgM Polyclonal Go Go F(ab’)2 Goat anti-human IgM IQP-511F PIF-511
PIF-511 SP

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)

Item Clone Isotype Pure FITC APC  Remarks Documents
Anti-MPO 266.6K2 Mo IgG1 IQP-155P IQP-155F* IQP-155A PIF-155
PIF-155 IT
Anti-TdT HT-6 Mo IgG1 IQP-149F 0,1 mL for 10 tests PIF-149
PIF-149 IT
PIF-149 SP
IQP-150F 0,5 mL for 50 tests PIF-150
PIF-150 IT
PIF-150 SP

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)

Item Clone Isotype Pure FITC R-PE CyQ APC Biotin Remarks Documents
Anti-HLA-A+B+C+E TP25.99SF Mo IgG1 IQP-618P upon request
Anti-HLA-A2 BB7.2 Mo IgG2b IQP-619R upon request
Anti-HLA-B7 BB7.1 Mo IgG1 IQP-620P IQP-620R upon request
HLA-B27 (1) FD705 Mo IgG2b IQP-B27F50X* 0.5 mL for 50 tests not available
Anti-HLA-Class I MEM-147 Mo IgG1 IQP-621P IQP-621R upon request
Anti-HLA-Class I W6/32 Mo IgG2a IQP-622P IQP-622F IQP-622R upon request
Anti-HLA-DQ1+DQ3 HL-37 Mo IgG3 IQP-623P upon request
Anti-HLA-DR BRA30 Mo IgG2a IQP-134P IQP-134F* IQP-134R* IQP-134C* PIF-134
PIF-134 IT
Anti-HLA-DR MEM-12 Mo IgG1 IQP-550P IQP-550F IQP-550R IQP-550A PIF-550
PIF-550 IT
Anti-HLA-DR L243 Mo IgG2a IQP-625P IQP-625F IQP-625R IQP-625A upon request
Anti-HLA-DR+DP HL-38 Mo IgG2a IQP-626P IQP-626F IQP-626R upon request
Anti-HLA-DR+DP HL-40 Mo IgG2a IQP-627P upon request
Anti-HLA-DR+DP MEM-136 Mo IgG1 IQP-628P IQP-628F IQP-628R IQP-628A IQP-628B PIF-F.628
Anti-HLA-E MEM-E/07 Mo IgG1 IQP-629P IQP-629B upon request
Anti-HLA-G MEM-G/9 Mo IgG1 IQP-630P IQP-630F IQP-630R IQP-630A IQP-630B upon request
Anti-HLA-G MEM-G/11 Mo IgG1 IQP-631P IQP-631F upon request
Anti-HLA-G 5A6G7 Mo IgG1 IQP-632P  IQP-632R IQP-632B upon request
Anti-HLA-G 2A12 Mo IgG1 IQP-633P IQP-633F upon request
Anti-HLA-G MEM-G/2 Mo IgG1 IQP-634P upon request
Anti-HLA-G 87G Mo IgG2a IQP-635P IQP-635F IQP-635R IQP-635B upon request
Anti-HLA-G 01G Mo IgG1 IQP-636P IQP-635F upon request
Anti-HLA-G 4H48 Mo IgG1 IQP-637P IQP-637B upon request

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)
(1) Product available in the Netherlands only

Item Clone Isotype Remarks Pure FITC R-PE CyQ APC Dy-410 Documents
IgG1 MCG1 Mo IgG1 IQP-191P IQP-191F* IQP-191R* IQP-191C* IQP-191A* IQP-191D PIF-191
PIF-191 IT
IgG2a MCG2a Mo IgG2a IQP-192P IQP-192F* IQP-192R* IQP-192C IQP-192A* PIF-192
IgG2b MCG2b Mo IgG2b IQP-193P IQP-193F* IQP-193R* PIF-193
IgM MCGM Mo IgM IQP-194P IQP-194F* IQP-194R* PIF-194
Ig Polyclonal Rb Rb Ig IQP-195F PIF-195
2nd step reagent Polyclonal Rb Rb F(ab’)2 Rabbit anti-mouse IgG F(ab’)2;
0,5 mL (10x) – 100 tests
IQP-190F IQP-190R PIF-190

PIF-190 IT

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)

Item Clone Isotype Pure FITC Documents
Anti-p53 BP53.12 Mo IgG2a IQP-171P  IQP-171F PIF-171

* marked products are registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD/CE)

Item Clone Isotype Reactivity Documents
Anti-ESM-1 Mo 4E2-A1 Mouse IgG2a Recognizes human ESM-1, binding at amino acids 1-88 IQP-712
Anti-ESM-1 Mo 2H8 Mouse IgG1 Recognizes human ESM-1, binding at amino acids 151-184 IQP-713
Anti-ESM-1 Mo 2G9-2B1 Mouse IgG1 Recognizes human ESM-1, binding at amino acids 87-117 IQP-714

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