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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy and is the fifth leading cause of death from all cancers for women[1]. It is estimated that around 140,000 women die each year from ovarian cancer worldwide[2].

Detection of ovarian cancer at an early stage is difficult, because symptoms are, if present, shared with a wide variety of other gastrointestinal, genitourinary and gynecological conditions[2]. Ovarian cancer has a high mortality rate due to the paucity of symptoms in early stages. Early detection of ovarian cancer and early detection of cancer recurrence increase the chance for survival. When the cancer is still limited to the ovaries, up to 90% can be cured with the help of surgery and chemotherapy[3].

More insight into biomarkers that play a role in the etiology of ovarian cancer will lead to better diagnostic methods for the detection of ovarian cancer. To facilitate the research in ovarian cancer, IQ Products now offers antibodies against several biomarkers, which are described to be over or under expressed in ovarian cancer.

Check our list to see whether our research antibodies will support you looking into ovarian cancer.

Item Clone Isotype Product code
ADAM10 6C3C7 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1839
AFP 6E6 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1331
ATM 5C5 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1540
B2M 3G5H8 Mouse IgG2a IQP-1830
B2M 4G5A1 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1831
BRAF 1H12 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1269
BRCA1 6C6D2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1814
BRIP1 1B8F9 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1816
BRIP1 4C6C8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1817
CCND1 3D8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1417
CD147 3E10C1 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1840
CD147 7H4D4 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1841
CD147 5A6F8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1842
CD147 2D8C11 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1843
CD171 5C6A10 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1821
CD227 (CA 15-3) 3B10B4 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1815
CD24 4F4E10 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1822
CD39 6H12F9 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1844
CD39 8E9F2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1845
CD87 1D1B11 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1818
CDKN2A 1D7D2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1801
CEA 3G12 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1523
CEA 1C7 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1524
EpCAM MOC31 Mouse IgG1 IQP-330
ERBB2 (HER-2) 6C2B12 Mouse IgG1/IgG2b IQP-1180
ERBB2 (HER-2) 6C2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1478
FLT4 4H4 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1418
FOLR1 3G12B7 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1819
FOLR1 2G5C12 Mouse IgG2a IQP-1820
HER-2 (ERBB2) 9B9D8 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1109
INHA 4A2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1481
INHA 400 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1092
MLH1 4C9C7 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1206
MMP9 5G3 Mouse IgG2a IQP-1619
MMP9 5C3 Mouse IgG2a IQP-1621
MSH2 1B3 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1025
MSH6 3A10H7 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1365
MSH6 5B11 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1651
MSH6 30 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1667
MSLN 5C11A4 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1823
MSLN 4H12F8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1824
MSLN 7E6A6 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1825
MUC16 (CA125) 4C8C8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1812
MUC16 (CA125) 2E9C2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1813
NBN 7E4C2 Mouse IgG2a IQP-1832
NBN 7E4A2 Mouse IgG2a IQP-1833
NCAM1 5G5G1 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1826
NCAM1 1F6F10 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1827
p53 BP53.12 Mouse IgG2a IQP-171P
PARP 7A10 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1367
PMS2 1E9D11 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1834
PMS2 8E4G11 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1835
PMS2 5A7F2 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1836
PMS2 6A12H9 Mouse IgG2b IQP-1837
PMS2 6G12E1 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1838
PTEN 1B8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1329
RB 7E4B8 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1031
SERPINE1 1D5 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1673
SPP1 7C5H12 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1810
TTR 6F11B2 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1828
TTR 2E10C5 Mouse IgG1 IQP-1829


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