IQ Products is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of a range of high quality antibody-based diagnostic products. Flow cytometry is one of our specialties, but our knowledge also includes ELISA, antibodies and other assays.


An excellent range of products for the detection and quantification of  Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage.


A wide range of high quality single, dual and triple color antibody reagents in line with diagnostic guidelines in flow cytometry analysis.


Unique and ready-to-use antibodies and complete innovative diagnostic kits developed for all currently available flow cytometers.


Complete, ready-to-use antigenemia test kits for the diagnosis of an active CMV infection. These are IVD/CE registered as well as FDA cleared.

Collagen hybridizing peptide

A series of proprietary collagen hybridizing peptides that directly target the damaged collagen molecule.

Sepsis & Inflammation

Diagnostic tools for the detection and monitoring of sepsis and inflammation using flow cytometry or ELISA platforms.


IQ Products provides high quality products specifically selected to support women’s oncological research.

Events 2019

We’ll have a booth at:

November 19th – 20th
NVC , Joint congress Dutch Society for Cytometry
Breda, The Netherlands

November 28th – 30th
Deutscher Gesellschaft für Perinatale Medizin
Berlin, Germany


Meet our scientist(s) at:


October 2nd – 4th
Lund, Sweden

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