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Our perinatal product line is divided in different categories: high-quality products for accurate detection and quantification of fetal red blood cells in maternal blood in case of FMH, our brand new product line of ELISA based kits to establish the risk to develop the most common pregnancy related disorders and our rapid point of care tests

Fetomaternal Hemorrhage (FMH)

Fetal Cell Count™ Kit

Complete assay for routine diagnosis of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage (FMH) using anti-HbF and anti-CA

FMH QuikQuant™

Rapid assay for Fetomaternal Hemorrhage Quantification

FMH Classic Reagents

FITC conjugated Anti-RhD reagent for the determination of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage


Tri-level stabilized blood controls with known human fetal erythrocytes content in human adult blood

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