Bright Fluorescence



FMH Kit.1 detHigh-quality products for the accurate detection and quantification of fetal Red Blood Cells in maternal blood in case of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage.


IQ_080312_0050nA wide range of high quality single, dual and triple color antibody reagents in line with diagnostic guidelines in flow cytometry analysis.


HITAlert™ Kit.2 detComplete innovative diagnostic kit for heparin induced thrombocytopenia developed for all currently available flow cytometers.


CMV Brite™ Turbo Kit.1 detComplete, ready-to-use antigenemia test kits for the diagnosis of an active CMV infection. IVD/CE registered as well as FDA cleared.

Collagen hybridizing peptide

A series of proprietary collagen hybridizing peptides that directly target the damaged collagen molecule.

Sepsis & Inflammation

Macro163™.1 detMonitoring of sepsis and inflammation on ELISA platform.


DSCF0013High quality products specifically selected to support women’s oncological research.

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