Bright Fluorescence

Other reagents

Item Cellular expression Pure FITC R-PE APC Documents
Annexin V Binds phosphatidyl serine IQP-120F IQP-120R IQP-120A PIF-120
PIF-120 PT
Propidium iodide Stains dead and necrotic cells IQP-121 PIF-121
Phosphatidyl Serine Detection Kit Complete kit containing: Annexin V, propidium iodide and calcium buffer – kit for 100 tests IQP-116F Visit the product page for more information
Item Description Unit size Product code Documents
IQ Lyse “Ready to use” erythrocyte lysing solution 250 test IQP-199 PIF-199
IQ Perm Permeabilization solution 40 mL IQP-350 PIF-350
IQ Starfiqs Intracellular staining fixation and permeabilization solution 50 tests IQP-200 PIF-200
PIF-200 IT

Hybridokine contains a number of growth factors and is used as a supplement for cell culture media. It has been developed to increase the yield of newly developed hybridomas. It is especially recommended as a substitute for feeder cells to enhance the growth of hybridomas since it saves the cultivation and preparation time required for feeder cells and is more consistent in quality. Hybridokine is also recommended for in vitro immunization procedures.

Item Description Unit size Product code Documents
Hybridokine Culture Medium additive 12,5 mL Hykine 12.5 Product Info Sheet

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