Antibodies for cancer research
Monoclonal antibodies for several applications

Almost 200 new antibodies in IQ Products’ portfolio specifically selected in the field of cancer research. The antibodies are tested in a wide variety of applications.

research abs cancer

Almost 200 new antibodies in IQ Products’ portfolio specifically selected in the field of cancer research. The antibodies are tested on a wide variety of techniques.


Detection of polyomavirus infection?
Use our specific monoclonal antibody for immunohistochemistry

For the detection of polyomavirus infection, immunohistochemistry analysis of tissue slides is one of the preferred methods. IQ Products now launches a new monoclonal antibody that is very suitable for analysis of paraffin embedded sections of JC infected brain or BK infected kidney.

This product is available in purified format of 0.1ml. The product code is IQP-562P.

Product Insert Polyoma virus


Detect GPI-anchored proteins?
Use our specific antibody panels for flow cytometry

For the detection of GPI-anchored proteins present on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs) and white blood cells (WBCs) flow cytometry is the preferred method. IQ Products has made new antibody conjugates to use in flow cytometry and it is especially suitable in combination with FLAER.    



Like to use more fluorochromes?
Now extend by using the violet laser for CD45

OC515 is excited with the violet laser (405nm) and emits at 515 nm. It provides maximum resolution and narrow emission peaks. The result is little spectral overlap and minimal compensation requirements.
  It is now possible to increase the use of more different flourochromes in your antibody panels, enhancing the efficiency of your activities.

CD45 OC515




Product groups


High-quality products for the accurate detection and quantification of fetal Red Blood Cells in maternal blood in case of Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage. 


High quality products specifically selected to support women’s oncological research.

Sepsis & Inflammation

Different diagnostic tools for the detection and monitoring of sepsis and inflammation using both flow cyto- metry or ELISA platforms.


Complete, ready-to-use antigenemia test kits for the diagnosis of an active CMV infection. IVD/CE registered as well as FDA cleared.


Unique and ready-to-use antibodies and complete innovative diagnostic kits developed for all currently available flow cytometers.


A wide range of high quality single, dual and triple color antibody reagents in line with diagnostic guidelines in flow cytometry analysis.

Our products are developed in close collaboration with universities and other institutes.
We comply to the highest quality standards, according to ISO 13485:2003. IQ Products manufactures in conformity with CE and FDA regulations.

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