Pregnostic®-PE Ip

A kit for the prediction of risk to develop Pre-Eclampsia (PE)

Special features

  • Complete ELISA kit
  • Rapid assay, takes less than 3 hours, less than 1 hour of hands-on-time
  • Standardized and quantitative
  • Quantification of the PE-biomarker in biological fluids (sera, plasma) or in human cell culture supernatants
  • Pre-coated ELISA plates
  • Ready to use assay
  • RUO

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Endothelial cell-specific molecule (ESM-1) is a unique and pertinent biomarker of vascular endothelial activation/dysfunction in diseases. The variation of blood levels of ESM-1 may reflect endothelial dysfunction in several pathological conditions, including sepsis, cancer, dengue fever and obesity 1. Higher ESM-1 levels are also related to occurrence of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy 3-6. Moreover, ESM-1 levels are significantly lower in pregnant women that develop severe early-onset pre-eclampsia at week 12 of gestation 2, hereby, providing a useful biomarker for the assessment of the risk to develop pre-eclampsia. Early assessment of the risk for pre-eclampsia can provide an opportunity for accurate management during pregnancy to limit harm to the unborn child.

Product specifications

Pregnostic®-PE Ip contains all components required for quantification of human ESM-1 in cell culture supernatants, serum or plasma. This human Pregnostic®-PE Ip ELISA set uses the robust and well-described quantitative sandwich immunoassay technique. The kit is available for research purposes in cooperation with IQ Products. The performance characteristics of this kit have not completely established yet.


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