Circulating Endothelial Cell Count kit (CEC Count™ Kit)

Ready to use assay for rapid and robust enumeration of Circulating Endothelial Cells


  • No pre-enrichment required
  • Robust and rapid assay
  • Standard equipment and methodology
  • Complete kit with ready to use components
  • Patented method
  • Research use only


  • Detection and enumeration of circulating endothelial cells
  • Includes markers allowing analysis of nucleated (live) cells
  • Includes markers for leukocyte exclusion from CEC gate
  • For use with flow cytometer

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Product code: IQP-397


Endothelial cells are cells lining the interior surface of blood vessels.  Due to vascular damage, mature endothelial cells can be shed from the vessel wall and enter the circulation.

In healthy persons the absolute number of these circulating endothelial cells (CEC) in peripheral blood is very low [1,2]. Under pathological conditions, such as cardiovascular disorders, infectious diseases, immune disorders, pulmonary hypertension, sickle cell anaemia, status after organ transplantation and cancer, the absolute number of CEC in peripheral blood is significantly elevated [3-6].

Therefore, enumeration of CEC is nowadays considered as a promising tool for monitoring disease activity and assessing prognosis and response to treatment.
plaatje CEC


This research kit contains all reagents required for rapid and reliable enumeration of circulating endothelial cells in whole blood samples according to a patented method [7].
Reagents include two specific endothelial cell markers, one marker for specific exclusion of leukocytes from the CEC gate and one marker allowing analysis of nucleated (live) cells.

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